Senior Business Development Manager


  1. Explore and expand our mobile gaming and application business in accordance with company strategy and industry trends.
  2. Identify and evaluate promising products, conduct business negotiations for licensing or partnership agreements, and lead their subsequent project management.
  3. Monitor both the domestic and international mobile gaming and application industry, providing regular analysis and recommendations.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher with 5+ years of related experience or 3+ overseas international experience required.
  2. Broad familiarity and passion for the mobile application industry in general.
  3. Deep familiarity, resources, and connections in specifically the mobile gaming vertical.
  4. Demonstrated experience and competence in prospecting, negotiating, and closing partnerships with external content­ providers and service­ providers.
  5. Proactive, responsible, and performs well under pressure.
  6. Excellent Chinese and English communication skills, both written and spoken.

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