Marketing Manager

We’re looking for scrappy, internationally-minded, entrepreneurial individuals who thrive in fast-paced, challenging, and collaborative environments. We want multilingual, problem-solving, story-tellers.

This position may be based in Shanghai or Beijing with occasional travel and the opportunity to be assigned to an international office.


You are a story-teller. There are two parts: the “story” and the “telling”. What stories can you tell and how can you tell those stories? Your fundamental mission is to maximize exposure for our products, company, and brand; and shape the narratives surrounding them both externally and internally, with your colleagues, our company’s partners, and with the general public.


  1. Brainstorming, organizing, and executing marketing and public relations strategy. You’ll be involved in branding, messaging, and actual delivery, working with the Product, Operations, and Design teams.
  2. Leveraging public relations, online influencers, and social media to deliver our messages, engage our audiences, and foster favorable conversations both online and off.
  3. Staying abreast of both industry (internet, mobile internet, mobile apps, etc.) trends and marketing opportunities, providing professional suggestions to business l.
  4. Understanding the concepts of owned, paid, and earned media as you manage our company’s official websites and social media channels.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Native English language ability required without exception. Individuals with North American backgrounds are highly desired.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree or above with 5+ years of Internet marketing and management experience.
  3. Excellent communication and copywriting skills reflecting not only a firm grasp of spelling and grammar but also your ability to positively and constructively engage an audience. You should have a Marketing and Public Relations mindset, analytical but also empathetic.
  4. An eye for good design, appealing aesthetics, and effective narrative timing. For example, you at least know how to make an effective Powerpoint presentation that doesn’t bore people. Experience with image editing, graphic design, and video production a big plus.
  5. Tech-savvy, not only when it coms to the internet and social media but also mobile devices and mobile apps. You’re not expected to be a hardware engineer or programmer, but it’d be nice if you know the lingo used in such topics and fields.
  6. Familiarity with SEO and ASO along with demonstrated experience in web development, online content creation, or social media and content marketing experience.

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