Tasty Treats Releases Competitive Mode

Tasty Treats Competitive mode_banner

Recently released by Avid.ly, Tasty Treats, is a match-3 game that brings innovative combinations, boosts, and powerful combos with special treats that bring together a unique gameplay. This 30th of March, Tasty Treats is releasing an all-new competitive mode feature.

The new features open new levels of challenges where players can gain boosts and challenge other players on the overall ranking to gain even more sweets, making the experience richer and more competitive.

Tasty Treats offers innovative challenges, rather than simply clearing candy or hitting high scores. Some levels are multi-stage, with a moving limit to fill the screen with delicious treats up to 4 times! Others require the platers to open the path for a cute Fairy character to reach home and greet her grandmother. The game currently has 200 levels and Avid.ly has planned regular roll-outs to keep the sweet adventure going.

Tasty Treats is now available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, please visit the Tasty Treats website.