Holaverse at Facebook F8 2016

Lasers, bots, and VR were just some of the exciting things Facebook unveiled over their two-day F8 conference last week, and we were lucky enough to have been there in person. Our CEO Brian, Marketing Director Kai, Head of Monetization Alix, and Hola Launcher Developer Leo were in attendance to hear the many announcements by Facebook’s key executives, attend numerous informative sessions about how to work with Facebook to develop better products, and gorge ourselves on Facebook’s endless supply of free food and drinks.

Many bottles of Starbucks Frappuccinos and packages of Famous Amos cookies were consumed.

We won’t rehash the announcements Facebook made, because you can read all about them in the normal tech media. Instead, we’ll share some of our more memorable experiences!


Yes, we are standing next to the one and only Sheryl Sandberg.

Yes, we are standing next to the one and only Sheryl Sandberg.

VIP Breakfast Means Green Orange Juice

Brian and Kai were invited to the exclusive VIP Breakfast hosted by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at the St. Francis Yacht Club, next to the Fort Mason Center conference grounds, early morning right before Mark Zuckerberg’s opening F8 keynote. Upon arrival, they were gifted with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and GearVR headset with controlled each.

They felt appropriately special until two hours later when Mark Zuckerberg said every conference attendee would get a set as well.

After an hour of delicious breakfast foods, green organize juice, and casual networking with the executives of other major companies that partner with Facebook, Ms. Sandberg took the stage and greeted the attendees with a joke about their AI. She said she had asked Google, Siri, Facebook’s M for a joke. Google directed her to the Comedy Central website, Siri said she didn’t know any, but M asked: “What do you call a computer floating in the ocean? A Dell rolling in the deep.”


Holaverse Tagged at Facebook F8

It’s always nice to be recognized and we were pleasantly surprised by the number of times Holaverse was mentioned throughout F8, during sessions and on various marketing materials distributed by Facebook.

One of our favorite instances occurred during the Best Practices for Native Ads Monetization session hosted by Facebook Publisher Development Manager Phil Hewinson. The session was aimed at helping developers make a living integrating advertising without sacrificing user experience, and Mr. Hewinson described our ability to monetize with minimal screen real estate as “the coolest thing”.

Thanks, Facebook!

Facebook F8 was a blast, and not only an event where we were fed and had our egos mildly stroked, but also an event filled with ideas and inspiration, many of which will be coming to both existing and upcoming Holaverse products.

Very soon.