Hola Launcher Holazine Now Powered by Hubii

Holaverse is excited to announce today a partnership with Hubii to provide improved news discovery and news content to our millions of Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese Hola Launcher users.

We’ve integrated Hubii into Hola Launcher’s Holazine feature, which is easily accessed by swiping to the leftmost screen on Hola Launcher. Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese users can now enjoy a richer variety of quality top stories, trends, and latest news across eight categories ranging from sports to politics. All of this, tailored for your city, country, and region.

Holazine powered by Hubii not only helps you stay informed but also gives you convenient search and filtering options. Narrow down to the topics youre interested and quickly get more information. Star the articles you want to keep for future reference, and quickly share to your social network of choice.

Check out the new and improved Holazine. Learn more about Hola Launcher or download it immediately from Google Play.