Congratulations to Our #SavetheEarth Winner!

Save the Earth is not just a slogan, but a responsibility and attitude Holaverse believes in. Thus, in celebration of this year’s Earth Day, we held our #SavetheEarth Contest on our Facebook page. We invited users to share one small thing that people could do to help save the Earth, like recycling cans or conserving water. Then, we encouraged them to share it with their friends and include a picture of them engaged in the activity to further promote awareness.

Every little bit matters
The submissions we received gave us a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that so many were protecting the Earth in their own way. And of the submissions, we chose our winning post from Jennifer Barbata from the United States and we wanted to share her post with everyone.

Everybody should be thankful for this beautiful planet and what it offers be able to sustain life..and give us daily joy in its beauty…I challenge people to pick up that candy wrapper you would normally walk by on the street…pick up that can of empty soda as you walk by a ditch…etc..just be conscious of the little things…and we can make a big difference”

Echoing Jennifer’s words of “just be conscious of the little things…and we can make a big difference”, it doesn’t matter how much we do at a time, but that the little we do, when added together, can be great. We hope to inspire all our users to become an active member of helping the world become a more sustainable environment for all.

So, congratulations to our winner Jennifer Barbata, and runner ups Elimosaria Maeda and Martha J Perez Glez.

And thank you to all the users who participated in our #SavetheEarth Contest! We encourage everyone to do their part in making the Earth a better place for all.