A Big Thanks to Android Guys for Reviewing Hola Launcher!


It makes our team feel special when people, like Android Guys’ Bryan Parkerson, take the time to review Hola Launcher. We were very flattered by the many good things he had to say.

“Hola Launcher looks fantastic!”

Our team has continuously worked to perfect Hola Launcher, hoping its design and features would give you a fast, lightweight, and beautiful Android experience. Whenever someone compliments our product, it really puts a smile on our faces.

We wanted to “wow” people from the very moment they install Hola. From the clock/weather widget to the unique gestures, Hola transforms your phone, but we like how Bryan worded it:

Graphically, or aesthetically, Hola Launcher looks fantastic! I would even go so far as to call it cute. Why? Little things such as random animations help me to see how truly adorable this launcher is. For example, the default Clock/Weather Widget that comes with the launcher had a cute little animation that drew a cloud on the widget when loading the weather.”


We spent a lot of time and effort to add that extra bit that would delight and yet not overwhelm.

A launcher should also enhance the reach of your phone, which led us to creating Hola Shine.

Hola Shine is really cool because it gives you quick access to any apps that may have a new notification, recently used apps and also a quick settings menu called Toolbox. I love Hola Shine and I think its a great feature. You can also download an app called Omni Swipe, for free, that allows you to theme Hola Shine and gives it a little more customization.”

Quick access is not the only benefit of Hola Shine. We actually wanted to make it easier for people to use their phone when they only have one hand free. No matter how big your phone is, your thumb can always conveniently access all your favorite apps, tools and contacts. It’s another way we wanted to simplify your mobile experience.

“A few minor things”

Bryan also brought up a number of things he didnt like about our Hola Launcher.

#1: Screen Management

Screen management allows you to rearrange the order of your home screens, a feature we used to have but eventually removed. Usage data showed that few people were using it so we removed it to lighten and simplify Hola Launcher. Unfortunately, we never got around to updating our FAQ to reflect this change. Sorry for the confusion; it should be fixed now.

#2: Gallery Wallpaper

Bryan feels that it takes too long to access to his wallpapers. In fact, there are two ways you can change your wallpaper with Hola. One is to tap on Personalize, then Wallpaper or Mine. Another is to swipe up on the home screen and tap on “Change Wallpaper”. Both ways allow you to change your wallpaper in two steps. We didn’t dedicate an icon for wallpapers because we wanted Personalize to be a portal for all your themes, wallpapers, and fonts. Of course, we are definitely open to any suggestions that can further simplify and improve this experience for the majority of people.

#3: Default Search Bar

The search bar shows trending searches, but we understand you may not be interested in what other people are searching. The entire search bar can be removed going to Hola Settings, Appearance, and tap on Search Bar to disable it.


#4: Removing Hola Apps

This might be a misunderstanding here. Hola Launcher should allow any app icon on the home screen/desktop to be both hidden and removed. Long-press an app icon and then drag it to the top of the screen to “delete”. Swipe up with two fingers to access the hidden drawer to “hide” select apps from appearing on the desktop.

#3: Ads

Bryan is very understanding of the ads Hola has, knowing that ads help fund our development work. However, it’s more important to us that these ads are relevant to you. After all, an irrelevant ad would not add any value to you or us. Therefore, we’re constantly looking for better ways to integrate and increase the relevancy of these ads to you. If you think you can help with this, we’re even hiring!

Feedback helps us grow

We value feedback from our users, from you. You guys help us know whats working, and what isn’t. You guys help us improve. Thank you, Bryan, for your kind review, for praising our Hola Launcher as “robust, feature-rich, but also easy on system resources.” We didn’t get full marks in every category of your review this time, but we’re going to keep at it and hope to impress you further next time!

Android smartphones can download Hola Launcher here!