Fish is Coming

Tap, blast sharks and earn coins!

Multi-mode 3D Hello Fishing is swimming your way! Reeling in the classic Fish Mode along with interactive social modes like Odds Mode, Competitive Mode, and Team Mode to have you interacting and playing with friends and player like never before! Incredible animation effects, variety of fishes with unique character, and customized slot machine to add that extra splash into the ocean!

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  • Fish is Coming
  • Fish is Coming
  • Fish is Coming
  • Fish is Coming
  • Fish is Coming
  • Fish is Coming


Player takes the role of a Captain where they must complete certain tasks to have the power to call upon various fish cannons and shells. Once acquired, the player can get gold coins, tickets, and other items.


Competitive Mode is available for a limited time with limited space, so players need to reserve their spot or arrive early. Players can use various fish cannons, shells, and other weapons to get the highest score.


Players create or join a team to defeat the Boss within a limited time. During the battle, gold coins and prizes randomly fall down. The winning team gets an extra bonus and every member receives an additional prize according to their contribution ranking.

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