Avid.ly is a mobile gaming company with extensive experience in publishing, user-acquisition, and monetization for casual and hyper-casual games.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help you bring your game to the global market!

Avid.ly is a VC-funded tech startup of 120+ plucky souls avidly pursuing new challenges in mobile gaming and social applications.

We specialize in mobile game publishing as well as user-acquisition, with a focus on casual and hyper-casual mobile games. Our founding team brought the world the Android mobile utility app developer Holaverse. Yup.  Our extensive experience includes developing award-winning apps which have accumulated over 500 million installations worldwide.

Our Achievements

  • 2015: Avid.ly’s sister company Holaverse was awarded the Google Play Best Developer Award
  • 2015: Avid.ly placed 4th on the Android App Developers Chart (App Annie)
  • 2018: Avid.ly ranked in the top 25 of China’s App Publisher’s Revenue Insight’s Chart (App Annie)


Why publishing with Avid.ly?


Global Market Experts

We help you localize, distribute, and promote your game worldwide – China included. Our teams are made of professionals with extensive experience in the mobile gaming industry and thanks to our advanced technologies, we ensure the maximum exposure for your game.

User-Acquisition Optimization

UA is one of the critical points for the successful and sustainable growth of a mobile game. Thanks to our PDM optimization tool we make sure we acquire the maximum amount of target users with the lowest acquisition costs.

LTV-shaped monetization

Our smart monetization strategies help you optimize your game revenue without harming the UX of your game. Retention is a fundamental factor for the popularity of your game; therefore, we strive towards the perfect balance between ad monetization and Life-Time Value of your players.
More is not always better.

We don’t play with you, we just publish your games!

Our expertise in worldwide publishing, user-acquisition, and monetization make us a reliable partner for the success as well as for the long-term growth of your game. With 50+ games published, our teams have handled advertising revenue sizes of over $50 million.

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